simple and free


Work individually in your own business,

under the protection roof of an innovate Austrian Company!


Exercise your activity in a self-determined way

with free time division and determine WHEN, WHERE and with WHOM you wish to work.


Product placement through customer acquisition

You will recommend innovative products with steadily growing demand


Market expansion through team building throughout Europe

Build your own team of success-oriented people all over Europe


Coaching and supporting your own team

Lead people to their potential and help them start their career


The goal of the self-reliant partnership

Expanding the brand and position not only in Austria but throughout Europa

your life - your decision

  • No capital investment
  • Self-determined workload
  • Success-supporting training concept
  • True recommendation marketing: no purchase / sale and therefore no stock
  • Free weboffice, easy to use
  • Potentical clients and customer protection
  • your success at your own rhythm
  • Earn green, sustainable and ethic money
  • Your boss? Yourself!
  • Teamwork and motivating team-spirit
  • Give your own contribution to the environment!
  • Excellent chances of success and interesting income prospects - with self-detemined workload